A circular economy project

The project of LatemAluminium, S.A. is based on the circular economy and the use of the most modern technologies.Our circular economy project is regenerative and based on the principle of closing the life cycle of products, services, waste, materials, water and energy, all while respecting natural and human ecosystems.

The raw material of the project is aluminium scrap, the treatment of which allows it to be converted back into rolled and processed aluminium, which can be used to manufacture products that will find new uses in the market, while saving 95% of the energy and emissions needed to produce aluminium using traditional methods from alumina. These products, after use, can be recycled once more to start the process all over again, thus closing the circularity of aluminium.


Aluminium, among other characteristics, has different properties that make it one of the most efficient materials for different sectors. These include its lightness, strength, durability, malleability and resistance to corrosion.

Recycling aluminium instead of mining it saves 95% of energy and limits CO2 emissions, obtaining important environmental benefits thanks to the efficient use of resources.

Aluminium is 100% and infinitely recyclable (although today only 7 out of 10 tons in use are recovered), so it fits perfectly into the circular economy as it is characterized by its infinite life cycle: 75% of all aluminium produced in history is still in use today, thanks to the fact that its properties do not change during the recycling process.

Thus, given its versatility and strength, recycled aluminium can be converted into a new product without any loss of quality. It is also a material that stands out thanks to its light weight, which reduces, for example, the environmental impact of its shipping (in transportation).