Integrated in the circular economy project focused on the production of green aluminium, the LATEM Finishing division specialises in the treatment and finishing of high quality coils and sheets to be marketed worldwide.

The versatility of LATEM’s lacquered products allows us to meet the strictest quality standards demanded in sectors such as automotive, construction and agri-food. Our products are designed and manufactured to offer the maximum guarantee in terms of corrosion resistance, colour and gloss retention and mechanical resistance.


  • A partner who is always close to you through our extensive existing sales network.
  • Since a good product is more than just a product, we offer you an international network of technicians.


LATEM Finishes’ production process is based on modernity and excellence.


Our state-of-the-art coil coating line allows us to apply organic coatings in multilayer systems of any kind (Epoxy, Acrylic, Polyester, etc.) and to process all the alloys and tempers available on the market. The use of the “roll coating” system enables us to apply a chrome-free pre-treatment.

Latem Finishes manufactures multilayer lacquered aluminium on both sides with a single pass through the line, which allows us to maintain quality integrity and the product’s characteristics with minimum reprocessing. We also have automatic control of the coating layer’s thickness both transverse and longitudinal to the strip.

All these systems and processes help us have a production line designed to minimize the carbon footprint of both the manufacturing process and the end product, reinforcing our commitment to the circular economy and the environment.


Latem Finishes is committed to high quality coatings that guarantee the high performance of its products in the long term. Discover all our coil coated solutions.


The Quality of our products is our industrial priority, second only to the safety of personnel. LATEM guarantees the highest quality of its products thanks to an industrial strategy based on four axes:

  • Our teams’ excellent level of know-how  
  • Top quality raw materials  
  • State-of-the-art industrial facilities that minimize the natural variability of the processes.  
  • Quality Management System that ensures double traceability of product and process. 
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Our products are designed and manufactured to offer the best guarantees in terms of corrosion resistance, colour and gloss retention, and mechanical resistance.

The organic polymers used offer the best mechanical performance in terms of strength and flexibility where required.

Thanks to the roll coating technology application units, we are able to apply coatings with high thickness precision in both the transverse and longitudinal directions of the substrate, achieving isotropy of characteristics in both directions, a feature highly appreciated in applications in markets such as construction, food and automotive.


Our Quality Management System is based on ISO-EN standards and ECCA Technical Standards for organic coatings on metal substrates in rolled coil format.

Our quality protocols are subjected to periodic external and internal audits that certify their compliance, as well as the development of continuous quality improvement processes.

Our labs are equipped with the latest in accelerated ageing test technology, which allows us to carry out the necessary physical-chemical corrosion resistance and UVa and UVb radiation interaction tests during the product design, approval and industrialization stages.

Once our coatings are in continuous production for our customers, production batches are subjected to these accelerated ageing tests to guarantee the reproducibility and repeatability of the product’s quality properties.


Since LATEM’s genesis, the entire concept of industrial transformation has been based on the circular economy.   

The raw materials have been specially selected, the production processes have been technologically designed and the working procedures have been developed and updated through a continuous improvement model that guarantees our leadership of low environmental impact in the aluminium coil coating industry.

Our industrial facilities have been designed to include equipment for energy recovery and energy reuse, for example, to harness the residual enthalpic heat of purified gases to heat water, which is used as a heat transfer fluid at different energy demand points throughout our facilities. In this way, we minimize the process’s energy demands.

Our processes are continuously reviewed in a continuous improvement model aimed at reducing our carbon footprint. Our coil coated aluminium offers the best environmental impact indices to our most demanding customers in terms of environmental care.

We have very advanced equipment for gas, liquids and solids treatment that place our emission limits well below the most demanding Environmental Prevention Standards grouped in the European IPPC Regulations.

Our coil coated aluminium products are 100% chrome-free and we can guarantee 100% recyclability.