The industry for the circular economy of aluminium.

LatemAluminium, SA – which markets its products under the LATEM brand – was created with the aim of becoming a national and international benchmark in the supply of recycled aluminium alloys in ingot format, liquid aluminium and high quality rolled aluminium, using aluminium scrap as raw material.

We want to close the aluminium life cycle with an industrial growth plan that is committed to benefiting from the infinite life of aluminium (circular economy), new energy sources (green energy) and the total recovery of waste associated with production.

The traceability of the raw material and the technology used in the aluminium transformation processes allow for a thorough control of the quality of our end products (aluminium sheets, coils, coil coated on demand, etc.).

In order to cover the whole manufacturing process with a low environmental impact and to ensure an optimal service, we are developing different associated activities divided into several business units:




Dedicated to the production of secondary aluminium alloys in ingots and high quality liquid aluminium from scrap recycling. With an installed production capacity of 45,000 tons per year, LATEM Refinery is one of the largest producers in Spain.


In 2023, the LATEM Rolling division will produce up to 2100mm wide aluminium coils and sheets in both mill finish and in different surface treatments. The rolled aluminium products will be made from liquid aluminium obtained from scrap at the LATEM Refinery facilities.


Integrated in the circular economy project focused on the production of green aluminium, the LATEM Finishes division specialises in the treatment and finishing of high quality coils and sheets for sectors such as the automotive, construction and agri-food industries worldwide.


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Recycling and valorization of salt slag.

In the process implemented by LATEM, the metallic aluminium present in the slag is recovered and the salt is treated and recovered, which can be reused again in the rotary furnace, which implies an absence of final waste and an optimization of resources, which are reused in the production process.


Production of aluminium containers, mainly for the food sector.

The LATEM PACKAGING division will use rolled aluminium coils from Rolled Products to manufacture all types of containers and packaging for preserves and foodstuffs in general, according to the customer’s requirements.


Production of photovoltaic energy (13MW) and obtaining H2

LATEM Energy proves the group’s commitment to the sustainable development goals and the fight against climate change. Its main objective is the production of renewable energy and “green” hydrogen.