Your LATEM Basics and LATEM Tegra projects guaranteed for 40 years

The use of the best technologies available on the market allows us to offer you high-quality lacquered aluminium.

This is underlined by offering you a guarantee of up to 40 years on our LATEM Basics and LATEM Tegra finishes.

What is the Latem European 40 Year Limited Warranty?

  • Latem warrants that, for the duration of the warranty, the product will not corrode, break or suffer from frost damage in such a manner as to limit its functionality.
  • Latem also warrants for the duration of the warranty that the product’s coating will not peel or crack, save for slight cracking or crazing along folds and profiled edges caused in the normal process of fabrication or installation, which is accepted as standard within the industry.
  • The warranty period for the base aluminium and the coating, according to the project’s location, is established in the following table and commences from the date of first delivery of the material to the customer or roofing contractor, as indicated on the delivery note issued by LATEM.

How to guarantee your LATEM Basics and LATEM Tegra project?

This warranty is exclusively issued to the building owner indicated in the warranty, and pertains exclusively to the product lines ‘LATEM Basics’ and ‘LATEM Tegra’.

To validate it, it is necessary to fill in the warranty certificate that LATEM makes available on request and to accept all the clauses mentioned in the said document. The warranty certificate must be completed and received by LATEM not later than 3 (three) months after substantial completion of installation works for warranty to be valid.

Request the guarantee certificate

To request your warranty certificate, simply fill in the form below or contact our Customer Service Department at