A high value products.

LatemAluminium, SA –which markets its products under the LATEM Brand– was created with the goal to become a national and international benchmark in the supply of recycled aluminium alloys supplied as ignots, liquid aluminium, and high quality rolled aluminium, using aluminium scrap as the raw material.

The traceability of raw materials and the technology used in the transformation processes of aluminum allow for a thorough quality control of our final products (aluminium sheets, coils, lacquered on demand, etc.)



We manufacture and supply different alloys (2000, 3000, 4000, 7000 and 8000) from recycled aluminium. All our alloys are available in liquid and ingot formats.


We develop customized coil coated aluminium sheets and coils.  The versatility of our lacquered products allows us to meet the required standards and demanded parameters.


LATEM Tegra is a high quality lacquered aluminium with a slightly grainy structure.
With its micro-folds, it has a matt grainy texture that allows to hide and minimise small imperfections or scratches that may occur.


The LATEM Basics is a range of high quality lacquered aluminium composed of 7 standard shades that protect your projects while maintaining their aesthetic and functional properties year after year.